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Selecting the material

NUDEC works with six different polymers: PET, PETg, PC, PMMA, SANuv and PS.

Fully aware of the special characteristics of the materials that form the wide range of NUDEC products, before they are converted into sheets, they are selected and officially approved after passing strict analyses so that each is of the very best possible quality.


Production process

A passionate trip through the metamorphosis of the material into beautiful transparent sheets.

The material is melted creating a paste which, after extrusion and transformation, is given the desired sheet finish. Its protection and cutting complete the process, together with palletising and storage. The whole process is computerised by specialised personnel, with constant quality assurance.

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Bespoke products

1.001 ways to give shape to ideas.

NUDEC not only offers the standard range, but also products adapted to the customers´ needs. We provide sheets of various polymers in a range of dimensions, thicknesses, prints and colours with optical quality. We can cut, bend and palletise them and pack them in accordance with customers’ specifications and wishes.



NUDEC possesses a modern storage area, that is fully structured and automated.

Here we mention raw materials as well as finished products. Of the latter, a large proportion are orders that will shortly be shipped to their final destinations. However, plastic sheets are also stored awaiting future orders in order to provide the customer with immediate availability and service.



Polyethylenterephthalate - Polyester plastic sheetsPolyethylenterephthalate sheets


Polyethylenterephthalate copolymer plastic sheetsPolyethylenterephthalate copolymer sheets


Polycarbonate plastic sheetsPolycarbonate sheets


Polymethylmethacrylate plastic sheetsPolymethylmethacrylate sheets


Acrylonitrile - styrene plastic sheetsAcrylonitrile - styrene sheets


Polystyrene plastic sheetsPolystyrene sheets

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