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General conditions for portal access and use

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NUDEC, S. A. (Trade Registry from Barcelona; Volume 4487, Book num. 3815, 2nd Section, Folio 114, Sheet 47855. IVA/VAT N. ESA08640773) with its company headquarters at Pintor Vila Cinca, 24-28, P. I. Can Humet de Dalt, E-08213 - Polinyà (Barcelona) Spain, provides such Internet services

in order to provide more and better services to users via the Internet, NUDEC, S. A. is placing various services and products at the users’ disposal through its Website and these services will be offered to portal users under the following conditions:

  1. Portal access shall be governed by and subject to the general conditions described below.
  2. Whatever means that are required for service use by the users shall not form part of the services provided by NUDEC, S. A.
  3. Except with express prior, written NUDEC, S. A. authorisation, the user shall undertake to make use of the information contained in the portal services exclusively for its own needs and shall not directly or indirectly employ any of the services to which it has access for any commercial purposes. The user also undertakes not to use any of the service facilities or contents with respect to carrying out or suggesting activities that are forbidden by law or to attempt to attract service clients to other competitive services. Moreover, the user shall be responsible for making these conditions known to all persons it authorises to use the portal services and to enforce their compliance. The user shall abstain from all conduct and activity in the use of the portal services that contravene intellectual or industrial copyright or patent rights belonging to NUDEC, S. A. or other third-parties, or which involve attempts against the honour, personal or family integrity or corporate image of NUDEC, S. A., its employees, collaborators and/or third-parties, or which are illicit or immoral. In all cases, the user shall maintain NUDEC, S. A. free and harmless from any judicial or extra-judicial complaint that arises against NUDEC, S. A. in consequence of any inappropriate, illegal or illicit use of the portal services by the user or corresponding authorised third-parties.
  4. The user expressly assumes exclusive responsibility for all consequences, damages or actions deriving from access to portal contents and/or services, together with their reproduction and diffusion, with or without due authorisation from their legitimate proprietors.
  5. NUDEC, S. A. shall permanently monitor compliance with current legislation and shall be empowered, at its own full discretion, to interrupt the service or to immediately resolve the relationship with the user in any case of presumed complete or incomplete crime or offence with respect to the current penal code or, in the case of observing any conduct that NUDEC, S. A. deems contrary to moral, order, good customs or the internal rules of NUDEC, S. A. or its collaborators, or which could interfere with good operation, image, credibility and/or prestige of NUDEC, S. A., its employees and/or collaborators.
  6. NUDEC, S. A. shall not be held responsible for any loss, robbery, theft or misappropriation of private keys or passwords by users of portal information and/or services or of personal contents that are captured or appropriated in bad faith by third-parties.
  7. NUDEC, S. A. reserves the right to modify or alter these general conditions. In such a case, NUDEC, S. A. shall notify all users of the changes that take place. Moreover, NUDEC, S. A. reserves the right to cancel any of the provided services, together with no longer providing them free of charge, as applicable.
  8. NUDEC, S. A. reserves the right to modify or alter these general conditions. In such a case, NUDEC, S. A. shall notify all users of the changes that take place. Moreover, NUDEC, S. A. reserves the right to cancel any of the provided services, together with no longer providing them free of charge, as applicable.
  9. Any discrepancy deriving from the interpretation and/or execution of these conditions shall be resolved by the courts and tribunals of Sabadell, to the jurisdiction of which NUDEC, S. A. and the user expressly subject themselves. NUDEC, S. A. recommends that these general conditions be printed by the user and maintained in its care.
Protección datos personales
Personal data protection

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NUDEC, S. A. guarantees full confidentiality of all portal user personal data. The information provided on the order file shall be incorporated into a database that is managed under the exclusive responsibility of NUDEC, S. A., that was created to facilitate users in the handling of the services offered through the portal and the processing of their orders, together with informing users about products and services (already directly supplied by NUDEC, S. A., whether by third-parties through service provision contracts, pacts or agreements) that may be of interest to them.

In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of the 13th of December (Data Protection Act, 1998 in UK or ECPA in USA), on personal data protection, you may, at all times, exercise your rights under this law relating to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the cession of your information to the file that is the exclusive property of NUDEC, S. A. If you have any query or desire to rectify, cancel or include your information in the file, please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., which is responsible for the file, by telephone (34) 93 713 27 00 or via postal address NUDEC, S. A. Pintor Vila Cinca, 24-28 P. I. Can Humet de Dalt, E-08213 – Polinyà (Barcelona) Spain. Some examples of how NUDEC, S. A. may use your personal data are given below:

  1. To establish how portal users are making use of the Website by means of employing their suggestions to alter and improve the associated contents so that they always adapt to the users’ needs.
  2. Whenever portal users make suggestions or comments about the Website and its services, NUDEC, S. A. reserves the right not to publish opinions, comments or suggestions that do not adapt to the directives of our portal.
  3. In a situation in which there is no opposition to your personal data being employed for publicity purposes, your contact information may be used to provide new services or promotions. If, at any time, you decide you no longer wish to receive such information, please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Industrial copyright and patents

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All contents of this Website, such as texts, graphics, photographs, logos, icons and images, together with graphic design and software, taken individually and as forming a uniform aesthetic set, are the exclusive property of NUDEC, S. A. or its collaborators and are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights as protected by international law.

Their use, reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission and/or manipulation is strictly forbidden, together with any use that exceeds normal necessary usage when visiting the Website and using the corresponding services.

Access to this Website does not involve any form of renouncement, transmission or total or partial cession of intellectual and industrial property rights. Nor shall it confer any right to use, alter, exploit, reproduce, distribute or to publicly communicate said contents without prior, express, written authorisation from the respective holders of said rights, except for the right to display and obtain a private backup copy of such contents, provided said right is exercised in accordance with principles of good faith which, in any case, shall maintain NUDEC, S.A. intellectual and industrial property rights unaltered, be used for non-commercial purposes and be exclusively for the user’s personal information.

All responsibility deriving from the use of materials at this Website that are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights lies exclusively with the user.

NUDEC, S. A. declines all responsibility with respect to information or access to the Websites outside this portal that are not directly managed by NUDEC, S. A. The sole purpose of the links appearing on this Website is to inform the user of the existence of other Internet information sources that could expand on that provided by this Website. Under no circumstances shall NUDEC, S. A. be held responsible for any results obtained through such links or for any consequences deriving from accessing them by the users.





Liability Clause

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NUDEC, S. A. supplies its products according to the indications carried out by the purchaser regarding to the material and quality requested, always above NUDEC, S. A. manufacturing standards. In this sense, NUDEC, S. A. provides to his customers all the professional and technical information which comes from the analysis of its products. However, no warranty is neither foreseen nor understood, whatever it is explicit or implicit, about the properties of the product in the legal sense.

Once carried out the delivery of the material on behalf of NUDEC, S. A., the purchaser is fully responsible of the subsequent application, treatment, use and/or purpose of the material, whatever if the material is used by the purchaser in question or other third parts, with entire indemnity for NUDEC, S. A. Moreover, according to containers and residues regulations (Act 11/1997 and Europe Directive 94/62/CE) the final holder is responsible of the correct management of the container’s residues.

The purchaser will be the only responsible for carry out the trials, tests or analysis of any nature which are necessary to verify that the product can be exactly applied to the aim wished by the purchaser or by third parties to whom the purchaser supply or install the product.

NUDEC, S. A. will remain exempt from an inadequate or defective application of its products on the part of the purchaser or third parties, assuming only the damages derived directly from possible faults of its origin products. The possible lawsuit and controversy between NUDEC, S. A. and its customers will be submitted to the courts of Sabadell (Barcelona, Spain).


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