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6 reasons for choosing PMMA HI

Scientific advances have produced an abundance of new products designed specifically to become part of and enhance our everyday existence. Among these products we can highlight titanium foam, which is highly resistant and very light and has medical applications, and upsalite, the most absorbent substance ever created.

Another material giving rise to great expectation is PMMA HI, a high-impact polymethacrylate modified with an elastomer that lends the product a high degree of mechanical resistance. NUDEC®PMMA HI plastic sheets offer an optimal combination of impact resistance and optical quality while maintaining optical properties and a degree of stability against weather and UV radiation similar to that offered by the standard PMMA range, meaning they are ideally suited to outdoor use.

PMMA HI is classified according to its degree of resistance. Our standard range offers level 25 (medium level impact resistance, for applications that require slightly more resistance than standard PMMA) as well as level 50 (for projects that require a high degree of impact resistance). With regard to non-standard products (please consult manufacturing possibilities and minimum quantities) that present characteristics approaching those of polycarbonate in terms of impact resistance, NUDEC offers NUDEC®PMMA HI 75, a product especially designed for applications such as the protection of machinery, coverings and glazing, and urban installations that require anti-vandalism surfaces.

The six primary reasons for choosing NUDEC®PMMA HI are:

1. Weather resistance without the need for additional protective layers.

2. High degree of impact resistance (the suitable level should be chosen in function of the application).

3. Excellent light transmission and clarity (in addition to excellent surface shine).

4. Thermoforming is just as easy as that of basic-level PMMA.

5. The possibility of working with thinner sheets than other polymers.

6. Suitability for use in applications in which polycarbonate was previously the only option (level 75 NUDEC®PMMA HI).

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