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What is iFrost plastic?

NUDEC®PMMA iFrost plastic sheets are manufactured from acrylic* raw materials using the extrusion method. During the process the plastic sheet passes through two rollers, each of which lends it a distinct finish, one gloss and one matte.

These velvety sheets offer a smooth, warm and sophisticated appearance when lit and present a wide range of lighting application possibilities, in particular LED-based backlighting designs, thanks to their exclusive light transmission and diffusion properties. The matte surface is coarse and, in addition to defining the physical aspects of the product, offers a higher level of resistance to abrasion from contact with other materials while simultaneously preventing the customary fingerprint marks.

Depending on the design of the lamp or sign, NUDEC®PMMA iFrost plastic sheets are capable of diffusing the LED light source, a characteristic that is highly regarded among lighting sector specialists. Signs, backlighting for advertising signs, shades for lamps and other accessories and luminous panels are just some of the applications that are already using this product.

* The finish of the plastic iFrost plates is due to use of a raw material that contains microspheres, providing enhanced light distribution and an optimum balance between light transmission and diffusion.

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