NUDEC´s methacrylate sheets for noise barriers.Noise barriers

Plastic sheets are an excellent solution to limit the spread of noise pollution. Nevertheless, a proper design and installation of the anti-noise devices leads to consider certain factors: the wind dynamic pressure, the thermal expansion and contraction of the material, the determination of the deflection, etc.

In long stretches with opaque noise barriers (concrete, metallic, vegetation) drivers may experience a sense of monotony or confinement. To mitigate this sensation and improve driving experience, the solution is a combination with transparent plastic sheets.




NUDEC manufactures acrylic 20mm sheets.

With the incorporation of a new production line, the product range has been expanded by adding the 20mm thickness which is highly useful to safety applications as well as to control noise pollution.

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K 2013 No. 1 trade fair for plastics and rubber worldwideK 2013

An unmissable event

Following the success of the 2010 trade fair, the objective for this year’s exhibition is to increase both the number of visitors and the number of commercial agreements reached.

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